My Fledgling Thoughts on Blended Learning

When the ONL171 course embarked on this topic, I must confess that my initial thoughts on blended learning were at best scant and superficial. I’ve learnt much in the weeks since, but short of applying what I’ve learnt and designing a blended learning course, I daresay there’s still a lot of room for me to learn and improve where this topic is concerned. Continue reading “My Fledgling Thoughts on Blended Learning”


A Look At My So-Called Personal Learning Network

You know the course you’re taking has made some impact when you notice changes within yourself, such as a shift in perspective or a positive change in one’s behaviour (hopefully). Thanks to my interaction with the ONL171 community, both on a micro (within my AWESOME group PBL1) and semi-macro level (the rest of the ONL171 community), I’ve noticed that the following has happened:

Continue reading “A Look At My So-Called Personal Learning Network”