Next Steps…

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This post was hastily written in order to quickly put down some thoughts and ideas on what I should do for with this blog post-ONL171. I’m doing this for 2 reasons – the process of reflective blogging has been surprisingly good in helping me to organise my extremely convoluted, rambling and disorganised ideas on matters related to good learning. It’s also become a useful way to remember the things I’ve learnt. Finally, I want to make good on the promise I made to myself on my very first post, where I wanted to see where writing on this blog will take me. With these very fragmented ideas in mind, here’s a short list of ideas on sustaining this blog post-ONL171, scribbled down in haste before these thoughts take flight and scatter to the winds again:

Using this blog post-ONL171

Beyond this course, I would use this space to:

  • Reflect on matters to do with teaching and learning, e.g. thoughts on readings I’ve come across which I think are relevant and would fuel conversations
  • Work through drafts and writings for upcoming T&L projects
  • Share new T&L developments and ideas I’ve encountered through conversations with colleagues or from my own research
  • Promote colleague’s T&L projects to the ONL171 community

These are just some of the things I thought of off the top of my head, and I may add more to this list. The main thing is like one of our facilitators, Alistair Creelman puts it, it’s like a puppy that we need to rear – it requires consistent nourishment and care in order for it to grow and thrive!


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2 thoughts on “Next Steps…

  1. Hi, Shin Dee
    Its a great idea to continue with this blog beyond the course. Its something that I would also like to do. Reflection is a great way to take stock of one’s learning, track one’s growth and plan for the future. Its been an absolute pleasure taking this journey with you. I will stay in touch… (through this blog)…


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